Elettronica Group
of antennas, electrical chassis, power amplifiers, mast aux

Elettronica GmbH is a leading European company with 25 years of experience in the electromechanical assembly in the telecommunications and military sectors. Our range of services includes electro-mechanical assembly (like video amplifier, power supply, diplexer amplifier, etc.) and antenna manufacturing and surveying. Our service offers tests and repair of antennas, radars and electric chassis.

Elettronica GmbH can provide a manufacturing service dedicated to antenna technology based on extensive experience and advanced facilities such as anechoic chamber and electro-mechanical integration providing tailored solutions to the needs of the A&D Industry. It can support any market segment requiring high-quality standards and high complexity items thanks to the exploitation of both state-of-the-art-technologies and assets.

Ellettronica GmbH can make individual cables, adapter cables and cable sets for you. We manufacture and install electromechanical assemblies for our customers, such as:

  • Actuators
  • Operating units
  • Footswitch
  • Hand switch
  • High-voltage components (HV components)
  • High current connections
  • Hybrid cables
  • Cable sets
  • Power supply
  • Boards
  • Relay modules
  • Sensors

Our extensive range of services includes electro-mechanical assembly and cable assembly. The assembly of elements is carried out in the highest quality and with reliability. Different functional tests can be carried out according to your requirements:

  • Electrical and RF test (Electrical and RF test)
  • Antenna measurement chamber (test and calibration) up to 18Ghz
  • ESS screening (temperature, humidity, vibration) 
    • Temperature -50 ° to 120 °
    • Humidity 0% - 100%
    • Vibration

We offer the repair and test services for your electromechanical assemblies:

  • troubleshooting analysis
  • Repair capability
  • Automatic and manual test benches,
  • ESS test (screening)

We are certified according to IPC - A - 610, which also allowed us to work in the military field.

Each assembly is manufactured under strict control and fully tested. We give a warranty on our services and final products.