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Training and Simulation

Elettronica GmbH has developed complex simulation environments, training and education systems. Our knowledgeable professionals bring to customer staff the know-how of the operational use of systems according to end user mission and doctrine. All realistic scenarios, real mission equipment are situated in high end simulation environment supporting training and skills improvement of the users.

We train operators of ELINT, COMINT and SIGINT systems.

Functional capabilities enclose such options:

  • Operating your or generic assets (sensors& platforms)
  • Understanding the behavior of the asset in specific operational conditions
  • Analyzing, recognizing and identify ingests or data
  • Managing unknowns or uncertainties
  • Reacting to events and threats
  • Collaborating with other operators for the same mission
  • Planning operations
  • Selecting the asset layout
  • Identify training gaps between syllabus and actual performance

The Simulation & Training library of ELETTRONICA has a big amount of different models and situations for the training such as behavioral model of radar functions, (search & track, weapon guidance, multifunction phased array), receiver model or communication model. Moreover, jamming and interference model, electromagnetic propagation model and platform model are available for simulation as well.

The training in simulation environment helps to protect the original equipment against possible consumption damage. You can train on the simulator regardless of weather conditions and around the clock. Besides, it is possible to effortlessly practice any possible extreme situation. For this reason, the simulation training is suitable for defense as well as for the public security sector.

Benefits of using the training simulation:

  • reducing cost
  • more avaible scenarious
  • challenging but not dangerous
  • environmental friendly

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Below you can find detailed information about our simulation and training products.

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