Elettronica Group
Test and Validation

Elettronica GmbH develops and integrates testing solutions for military customers since 1986, originally as devices of company tactical systems, nowadays as system-independent capabilities for Distributed Testing&Stimulation systems.

While mostly sharing the numerical simulation layer and the Human-to-Machine Interface, our test and validation solutions largely differ in terms of complexity. Elettronica portfolio comprises products that are deployed and operated "on-the-move" or  at landing areas, in laboratory or at outdoor test range. For this purpose Elettronica GmbH offers different portable or container based test systems.

The portable ruggedized devices allow basic Go/NoGo testing or LRU-failure analysis, while container-based systems offer the entire set of transmitting, receiving and analysis capabilities. 

ELT product family KEKS includes distributed solutions for test, training and validation of C4ISR and EW systems after their integration on board of air, naval or ground platforms.

With Test and Validation solution ELT provides the ISR/EW operators with the knowledge they need before the mission:

  • Validation of platform-integrated ISR Systems
  • Calibration of platform-integrated ISR systems
  • On-field training of C4ISR operators
  • Training of platform crew
  • HW/SW-in-the-loop testing
  • Library building
  • GO/NO-GO Check
  • LRU-Failure Analysis

ELETTRONICA solutions work in a distributed, collaborative set-up in order to build up coherent synthetic environments for the System under Test (SUT). KEKS products could be used on board of small cars, trailers, ground vehicles, trucks or vessels. They withstand tactical operational conditions while maintaining a good compromise in terms of weight and volume. The scenario generation function allows for hundreds of interleaved emitters distributed over multiple RF sources, with possibility for setting priorities and temporal interdependencies. The offered signal processing techniques on reception enable discriminating and assessing the reaction of the SUT even in electromagnetic dense environments.

We train & test C4ISREW capabilities:

  • Radar
  • ESM (COMM/Radar)
  • ECM (COMM/Radar)
  • EO/IR

The capability to test and validate sensor suits, C2 and ISR systems over the entire e.m. spectrum and for different applications, makes ELT GmbH a key partner in large system integration companies and End Users in the Aerospace&Defence business. 

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