Elettronica Group
Public Security

Our focus is mobile public security solutions designed to deliver comprehensive surveillance & control capablities to cover the increasing demand of Goverments of more security for citizens. Elettronica GmbH comprises a wide range of solutions for public security, which provide the End User with several classes of high-tech functions, tailored and configured to meet specific operational needs. 

According to the customer requirements and specifications to existing regulations, we design and develop application, integrate mechanical and electrical components in terms of internal and external integration of communication technology, audio/video recording and editing records.

The customer request is the initial point for the individual technical equipment (function modules / sensors ) of the system. The relevant system properties are based on the user specific requirements and conditions of operational use.

Inparticular, we provide innovative solutions for the following application profiles:

  • Analysis
  • Observation and monitoring
  • Search & direction finding
  • Target tracking
  • Identification
  • Communication monitoring
  • Communication disorder (Counter IED)
  • Data management
  • Data Fusion

The system integration is realized in vehicles or container / shelter based carrier components. It could be done in special camouflae version as well. 

The production is based on international standards in order to get all given quality targets. 

ELETTRONICA is recognized as market key player supporting the customer from the first need up to the realization of solutions and system applications.

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