Elettronica Group

The MUROS-Mission Control Vehicles provide additional capabilities to increase the effectiveness of other deployed systems and sensors. It coordinates all sensors that are involved in the mission. Moreover it collects and processes results from various sources. MUROS Fleet Management as part of MUROS MC provides the mission planning tool for optimal utilization of resources. Available sensors are allocated in the most effective way considering their detection range as well as their operational status. 

MUROS MC supervises the interaction between systems and ensures reliable and consistent situation awareness gathering and analysing heterogeneous intelligence and data sources, sharing information of sophisticated surveillance systems in real time, all in a reliable and secure way, allowing governmental authorities and their emergency services to provide and increase security and safety for citizens, businesses, assets and infrastructure.

Choosing MUROS Mission Control System in conceiving comprehensive security and safety tasks is an important step in the right direction towards building secure cities for the twenty-first century.

  • MUROS MC provides the Operator with heterogeneous capabilities, which are activated on request during the on-site intervention according to the encountered situations 
  • Evidence gathering through HD cameras
  • Search and location for mobile phone emissions or transponders (e.g., in snow, at sea)
  • Monitoring of intervention sites and alarming in case of risks for the team (e.g., risk for collapse, presence of gas, low visibility)
  • Coordination of robotics units through dedicated link and control posts
  • Analysis of evidence and devices (forensic suite)
  • Mission planning and intervention team coordination
  • Based on very flexible design and User-friendly use of available capabilities


  • Supporting on-site coordination and information gathering
  • Management of distributed sensors
  • Effective target allocation
  • Collection and fuison of information 
  • Situational awareness
  • Effective distribution of information 
  • Forensic Suite
  • Video-Data Suite
  • Monitoring Suite
  • Special Tools 
  • Several hours of autonomous operation
  • Full integrated sensor suite
  • Powerful data and voice communication equipment


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