Elettronica Group

MUROS are modular, fully-integrated Sensor Suites for stationary and mobile platforms – designed to enable tactical operations and special missions.

MUROS systems can be operated 24/7, equipped with EU state-of-the-art technologies in terms of sensors, actuators, IT and communications.

The MUROS solutions are grouped in tree families:

  • MUROS S - Surveillance
  • MUROS C - Communication
  • MUROS MC - Mission Control

MUROS-S is designed to deliver comprehensive surveillance & protection capabilities to cover the increasing demand of Governments of more security for citizens.

MUROS-C Sensor suite combines microwave, video and acoustic sensing capabilities in order to monitor, analyze, and control the communication spectrum.

MUROS-MC suite includes a variety of SW applications and HW tools to support heterogeneous missions on the tactical field. It provides additional capabilities to increase the effectiveness of other deployed MUROS systems.

Although the MUROS sensor suite can be tailored to any individual application.

MUROS can be used as stand-alone locally-operated system, as remotely-controlled system connected to a centralized command and control function or can be integrated wireless into a network of surveillance nodes.

MUROS mobile systems have been designed to meet the most stringent operational requirements for high endurance stationary and mobile observations in urban, semi-urban and rural environment. The system is able to complete the tactical picture of moving entities in the area of interest fusing the information coming from the sensor suite and intelligence sources.

Elettronica GmbH continues to provide through the enrichment of MUROS Mobile Systems state of the art Public Security, Intelligence capabilities to its worldwide governmental, military, intelligence and law enforcement customers.


  • Video Documentation
  • Area Surveillance
  • Sea Surveillance
  • Urban and Border Surveillance
  • Communication Monitoring
  • Acoustic Interception
  • RCIED (remotely controlled improvised explosive devices) Protection
  • Decoding
  • Web Control
  • Tactical Control
  • Sensor Data Fusion
  • Digital Data Intelligence
  • Fleet Management
  • Situational Awareness
  • Protection of public events
  • Observation & recording of evidence
  • Urban, Border and Maritime Surveillance (Blue, Green)
  • Protection against UAV-attacks
  • Post-event analysis of scenes
  • Lawful communication interception
  • Law enforcement & prevention of illegal activities
  • Tracking of suspects
  • Spectrum Monitoring
  • Denial and Jamming of communication links
  • Convoy protection
  • Emergency communication relay
  • Mobile Control room
  • Forensic investigation platform
  • Data gathering & big data analysis
  • Fleet and crew management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Logistic support on field


  • Education
  • Technical Documentation
  • Logistic Support Analysis
  • Spare parts supply
  • Maintenance and repair

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