EW Ground Systems
Elettronica GmbH has been providing SENSORS INTEGRATION and installation services to commercial, industrial and military customers for 30 years. Elettronica is a design authority for system integration of ground, marine and air units. Based on customer requirements and needs, Elettronica offers turnkey solutions for operational capabilities
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Operational and logistical support of EloKa systems
Elettronica GmbH offers MANUFACTURING SERVICES based on extensive expertise acquired in 44 years of active presence in the defense industry. Our production includes the ESD-protected production area and the production of small and medium-sized series. Our manufacturing guidelines are certified according to ISO 9001 / EN9100.
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Radar/EW Test & Evaluation
The Elettronica C46 Radar Signal Simulator (RSS) is a proven solution for generating high-fidelity radar signals for electronic warfare testing (ground, ship and airborne), from laboratory to outdoor firing ranges.
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EMSO Simulation & Training
The Elettronica EW Academy offers unique educational opportunities to the defense and security sectors of public and private organizations by providing high standards of education and training in a number of key electronic warfare subject areas.
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Public Security Systems
Elettronica develops "sensor-based vehicles and shelters" by combining engineering and electromechanical systems. Based on an open modular architecture, Electronica's solutions are flexible in the choice of sensors and platform. The sensors are integrated into civilian and military vehicles or shelters to meet the demanding application requirements of preventive and investigative covert operations.
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Refined with experience

with experience

A diversified one

For our customers in the areas of electronic warfare and public security, we are a long-standing and reliable partner who is available from the initial idea to project implementation and beyond in questions of logistics and training.

System Development Life Cycle

Elettronica GmbH has capabilities across the entire System Engineering (SE) life cycle. Using the methods and tools of the SE (e.g. INCOSE), the ELT develops technically extensive services that are very challenging in terms of their complexity and their program scope and risks. System competence through a holistic system view, the consideration of the interactions of systems of systems and risk minimization through transparency and planning accuracy of complex projects are guiding principles of the ELT in performance development.

ELT is committed to maintaining an exceptional and consistently high standard for solutions and offers customers the greatest possible flexibility in selecting solutions tailored to their needs. The know-how makes it possible to work on air, land or sea-based platforms.