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Elettronica GmbH has been providing SENSORS INTEGRATION and installation services to commercial, industrial and military customers for more than 25 years. Elettronica is a design authority for system integration of ground, marine and air units. Based on customer requirements and needs, Elettronica offers turnkey solutions for operational capabilities. Concepts and integration of electronic and electrical solutions are part of our core business. We are able to manage COTS components, energy management systems, air conditioning and mission-specific sensors (monitoring, analysis, data fusion) and mechanical adjustments. Elettronica accompanies your product throughout its life cycle.


Elettronica Ltd. performs sensor integration tasks on various platforms:

Based on our long-term relationships with the vehicle manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive service for the entire life cycle of the integration. We comply with EU/German safety regulations and TÜV certification procedures.

Below are some examples of devices or systems that can be installed:

Elettronica offers tailor-made integration solutions, taking into account weight, power consumption, available dimensions, internal and external communication interfaces, antenna placement, weight distribution and center of gravity assessment.

We offer:

Our expertise in system design and engineering makes us an ideal partner for integration and installation, as well as system support and further enhancements.

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Peter Mark


As a former paratrooper and project manager, I see the solution competence offered by Elettronica in the sense of a quote from General George Patton "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with the results".

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