EMSO Simulation & Training

Elettronica Ltd. has complex simulation environments, training and education systems developed. Our knowledgeable professionals provide the client's staff with the expertise to operationally deploy the systems according to the end user's mission and doctrine.

All realistic scenarios and the real operational equipment are in a high-end simulation environment that supports user training and skill enhancement.

We train operators from ELINT-, COMINT- and SIGN-systems.

The functional capabilities include:

The Simulation and Training Library from ELETTRONICA has a large number of different models and situations for training, such as behavior models of radar functions (search & track, weapon guidance, multifunction phased array), receiver models or communication models. In addition, disturbance and interference models, electromagnetic propagation models and platform models are also available for the simulation.

Training in the simulation environment helps protect the original equipment from potential wear and tear. You can train on the simulator regardless of the weather conditions and around the clock. It is also possible to practice every possible extreme situation effortlessly. For this reason, simulation training is suitable for both defense and public safety.

Advantages of training simulation:

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Portrait Dr. Reda Zemmari

dr Reda Zemmari


Reda Zemmari is a Program Manager with 15 years of experience working in Radar & EW area. In this function he managed several national & international projects in the Test & Evaluation domain. He did his PHD in Passive Radar and contributed to several NATO research groups.

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