Public Security Systems

Our focus is on mobile public safety solutions that provide comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities to meet governments' increasing demands for safer citizens. Elettronica Ltd. has a wide range of public safety solutions that offer the end-user multiple classes of high-tech functionality, tailored and configured to specific operational needs.

According to customer requirements and specifications to existing regulations, we design and develop applications, integrating mechanical and electrical components in terms of internal and external integration of communication technology, audio/video recording and editing of recordings.

The customer's request is the starting point for the individual technical equipment (function modules / sensors) of the system. The respective system properties depend on the user-specific requirements and operating conditions.

MUROS are modular, fully integrated sensor suites for stationary and mobile platforms - designed for tactical operations and special operations. MUROS systems can operate 24/7 and are equipped with the latest EU technologies in terms of sensors, actuators, IT and communication.

The MUROS solutions can be divided into three families:

MUROS-S is designed to provide comprehensive surveillance and protection capabilities to meet governments' ever-growing obligation to keep their populations safe.

The MUROS-C sensor suite combines microwave, video and acoustic sensors to monitor, analyze and control the communication spectrum.

The MUROS MC suite includes a variety of SW applications and HW tools to support heterogeneous missions in the tactical area and offers additional capabilities to increase the effectiveness of other deployed MUROS systems.

The MUROS sensor suite can be tailored to each individual application: it can be used as a standalone, locally operated system or as a remote system linked to a central command and control function. The MUROS sensor system can also be integrated wirelessly into a network of monitoring nodes. The MUROS mobile systems are designed to meet the most stringent operational requirements for high endurance stationary and mobile observations in urban, semi-urban and rural environments. The system is able to complete the tactical picture of moving units in the area of interest by merging the information coming from the sensors and intelligence sources. With the expansion of the MUROS Mobile Systems range, Elettronica GmbH continues to provide state-of-the-art public safety solutions and intelligence capabilities to its global government, military, intelligence and law enforcement customers.

Contact Person

Portrait of Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler


As a state-certified technician in the field of automotive technology with many years of experience as a project manager in development, I am now the contact person for the public safety authorities with clear and open customer communication. My area of responsibility also includes tracking the relevant projects in terms of status and project progress.

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