Elettronica Group

Since 1978 Elettronica GmbH is situated in Meckenheim / Rheinland. As a medium-sized company we have grown from a service center to system engineering and integration company with capabilities in production and development.

For our customers in the field of EW and Public Security we have become a reliable partner for many years. We support our customers from the first idea up to the realisation of the projects as well as in the field of logistic questions or training.


 The Elettronica GmbH has been founded in 1978 as contact office in Meckenheim, since the first systems from the mother company Elettronica SpA were sold to Germany at this time. In the beginning Elettronica started with 5 staff members in order to support the logistics and to guarantee the maintenance of the systems.


In the eighties and nineties Elettronica was able to establish itself as expert in the field of EW, in particular communication jammingtraining and test systems as well as electronic reconnaissance for military customers in Germany and the Netherlands. 


In the nineties the first big developments like RMB system (ESM/ELINT) and Hornisse (HF Jammer) systems were carried out as turn key solution provider to the Armed Forces. 

The big european campaigns Eurofighter and NH 90 as well as the successful positioning of Elettronica SpA  with the focus on self-protection DASS EFA and ESM NH 90 led Elettronica GmbH to the production, integration and test of key EW subsystems.  


On 2009 Elettronica GmbH has successfully entered the Public Security market witht he developement and series production of BedoKW system. The success of the production line has been confirmed by the extension of the product portfolio by video surveillance systems to MUROS (MUlti Role Operational Support) System that today includes Urban, Green and Blue Border Surveillance, Monitoring and Communications Solution. 


In 2014 ELT GmbH started a new project for German marine. EW Simulator is a solution totaly designed, engineered and made by Elettronica GmbH specialist. EW Simulator provides Test, Training and Validation capabilities. 

In the same year we become a National Instruments Alliance Partner. Elettronica as a National Instruments NI Partner

In 2015 Elettronica adopted a new industrial plan extendeding its capabilities and expertise through a new business sector. The company implemented a new manufacturing line of digital technology, based on an extensive experience and advanced facility, such as an electro-mechanical integration and PCB innovative production capacity, providing tailored solutions to the needs of the Aerospace & Defense, Public Security, Telecommunication, Transport and Automotive industry. The new and innovative industrial capability positions Elettronica GmbH as value adding partner to customers and industries.

In 2016 Elettronica GmbH presented its classroom EW training environment that got the name TISS. It is  performing classroom training sessions by simulating the behaviour of the assets which are available in several operational conditions.